I Am Planting Trees To Offset My CO2 Emissions

As a delivery service that currently uses a 1.4l petrol car, I am contributing to CO2 emissions and the damaging effects of climate change, every time I turn the key.


With the products I supply I may be drastically reducing plastic packaging as well as icky chemicals being introduced to our world. I may be ensuring that people on the planet are treated fairly and paid a living wage. And I may be ensuring that no animal is tested on or has been used in the manufacturing process.


I am an ally to our Earth and doing everything in my power to reduce the waste we produce and the effects we are having on the planet.


But I always want to do more and one way to do this is to help offset my carbon footprint.



In short, carbon offsetting is compensating for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Green House Gases, (CO2e) emitted from an individual, family or business by providing emission reduction elsewhere. 

Basically, everything has a carbon footprint attached to it. From the car we drive to the avocado we purchase at the shop, everything uses some form of fuel to be in our lives. Carbon Offsetting is a way to take responsibility for our own footprints and help reduce it in some way. 




Trees clean the air we breathe, offer a home to 80% of the worlds biodiversity, and absorb harmful carbon emissions. They are the essence of our existence and we need them now more than ever!


Our world has seen the devastating effects deforestation has had on it.


With less trees and more CO2 emissions, climate change is becoming more of a problem everyday. We are seeing unprecedented weather effects from heatwaves, to extreme snow storms and flooding.


Planting trees is a way to potentially reverse the effects of climate change and help our planet remain happy, healthy, and full of life!




As a delivery business I feel it is my responsibly to offset my carbon emissions and one way to do this is by planting trees. So I have signed up with Ecologi, a wonderful organisation that plant trees and funds some of the worlds best climate crisis solutions.


I decided to partner with Ecologi as transparency is key for me with regards to how a business is genuinely making a difference.

  • They post monthly receipts and show how the money they receive is spent.
  • They are very honest and upfront about the fact that 85% of their income goes to projects and the other 25% is for business overheads such as their website, marketing and staff wages. 
  • They discuss the projects they support and how the money is used to help them.

They have also partnered with The Eden Reforestation Projects to responsibly plant millions of trees around the world each month and support projects backed by Gold Standard. Check out the most up to date list of projects here.


I have chosen a plan that will plant 12 trees a month, offsetting 55000 miles each year in my car. That’s over 400 miles a month; the equivalent of driving from Liverpool to London and back each month. As a local delivery service with a 7 mile radius, I certainly do not travel that many miles per month and if I somehow start to or take on employees, I can increase my plan to cover it!


I also love the set up where you can see exactly how many trees you have planted so far and how much CO2 you have offset with my own forest and easy to read diagrams.


And I have linked Ecologi to my store and will be planting a tree with every sale over £20! 


Check out my progress so far here. 




There are many ways you can help to reduce deforestation and allow our planet time to heal and get back to what it once was.


1. Look for FSC approved packaging and products.

FSC is Forest Stewart Council, a non profit organisation that is dedicated to the responsible management of forests. This symbol guarantees that the item has been sustainably manufactured.


2. Recycle Right

Ensure that any recyclable materials go to the correct recycling. Paper and card can be recycled and made into new products like printer paper, paper bags, crafting card and more! This reduces the need for virgin trees to be cut down for paper products.


3. Look for sustainably sourced ingredients

The demand for ingredients such as palm oil and soy has meant that entire forests have been removed to make way for farm lands. If these ingredients are used in any product, ensure it has been sustainably sourced. This means that the manufactured has adhered to the 8 Principles for Growers and are RSPO Certified. The principles such as transparency, compliance with laws and regulations, conservation of natural resources and responsible development of new planting are applied to their company standards. Read more at Green Palm


4. Donate or sign up to Tree Planting Organisation

There are some incredible organisations doing great work to strategically plant trees and ensure they provide maximum CO2 absorption. They are putting back what deforestation has taken from the world’s inhabitance.


One Tree Planet - Pay $1 to plant a tree. You can plant as many as you like! There are many ways to get involved with this great organisation.


Ecologi - Pay a monthly subscription to offset your annual CO2 emissions. You can keep track of how many trees you have planted and how much CO2 emissions have been reduced. There are plans available for individuals, families and businesses.


5. Make a purchase from the shop

You will be safe in the knowledge that with every order of £20 and over, I will plant a tree because the more trees we have, the better!