The Good Dot Recycled Brown Paper Tape - 24mm Wide

The Good Dot Recycled Brown Paper Tape - 24mm Wide

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Sellotape can become a thing of the past thanks to recycled paper packing tape! It has been made in the UK and is a perfect alternative to wrapping gifts, sealing packing boxes, craft tape, and more! It is unbleached and solvent-free so will happily go into the recycling or the compost. It's surprisingly strong and can be torn by hand for easy application. 


If a cardboard box or paper is added to recycling with plastic tape on it, it becomes more difficult to recycle and may not be recycled at all. Paper tape ensures that even if there is tape left on recycling, it will still be processed. If it is added to your compost, it will all happily degrade together. 


  • Made in the UK
  • 100% compostable
  • 24m x 50m
  • Made from recycled paper
  • Unbleached and solvent free 
  • Strong and durable