Friendly Neighbourhood Plastic Slayer

Hey! I'm Sophie, your friendly neighbourhood plastic slayer!

a.k.a planet advocate, plastic-free enthusiast, seamstress, puppy mama and owner of EarthKind Rewind based in The Wirral, UK.
Creating simpler, easier ways for everyone to become more eco-conscious has become a huge passion of mine. EarthKind Rewind has been my brainchild for (at least!) the last 2 years and I’m so excited to be open for business. 
I set up EarthKind Rewind in June 2020, when the pandemic was in full swing. At the time, my sustainable journey was suffering and I felt I wasn't alone with the struggle. 
If you want to know more about my life or ask me questions on lifestyle or products I sell then come say hello on;
Instagram and Facebook @earthkindrewind
or my personal account @that_earthkind_life
My biggest goal with EarthKind Rewind is to offer a convenient doorstep delivery service of refillable items to my local community in The Wirral and the surrounding areas of Cheshire and South Liverpool. You can find all the everyday products you need and know, without any doubt, that they are 100% ethically manufactured, cruelty free, sustainable sourced and plastic free..

Why EarthKind Rewind came to be

The biggest frustration I found as a newbie to the Eco-product world was how difficult it was to really be sure that the companies I was buying from were really, genuinely ethical. I discovered how much Greenwashing* there was and I was just heartbroken at how confusing and untrustworthy so many ‘eco’ products seemed to be.
I always had so many questions when reading product information about material, manufacture, location, dying process, to name a few. 
So that’s my aim and my ethos.
I want you to be able to trust fully that everything on my site is 100% ethically sourced, made and that it’s either recyclable, compostable or reusable! I’ll be totally transparent about where I get all the materials and products from, showing you how best to look after your products to extend their lifetime and when you do finally have to swap any out- I’ll tell you exactly how to dispose of them sustainably.
I only sell products I have tried and tested myself and will give my frank and very honest opinion on them. The products I sell will always be ethical, cruelty free, and as low impact as possible.
I support UK based, small, local business so am always on the hunt to showcase makers and companies in the North West who share the same values as me. If you fit the bill then please get in touch and lets chat!
I’m keen to add more products all the time so please feel free to get in touch with me- let me know what you’d like to see more of in the shop. I’ll do my best. In the meantime check out my blog for simple, actionable steps you can take today to make your life that little bit greener!
My mission is to always be part of the solution to protect and restore our planet and help reduce the unnecessary waste in our lives. I believe we need to be kind to the earth by rewinding our way of thinking and our lifestyle to get back to a time that was less wasteful.
It's time to be Earth Kind, Rewind and restore our home while there is still time. Every action counts!
*Greenwashing: when companies use green buzz words- without ensuring their products are recyclable or sustainable in any way! Urg!