Bamboo Cutlery Set

Bamboo Cutlery Set

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When you're out and about and looking for a quick snack, the only cutlery option usually offered is plastic. This time of cutlery is hard to recycle, so these are a great alternative to that problem. 

This gorgeous hand-carved cutlery set is made from bamboo. It is lightweight and easy to clean, and very durable, making them ideal for picnics and as a travel set. Bamboo is a wonderful wood to use as it is fast-growing, making it more replenishable and sustainable than other conventional woods.  

The set includes 1 knife, 1 fork, and 1 spoon.

Need to add to the set? Check out bamboo straws, stainless steel straws and cotton straw cleaners

They arrive by ship, therefore, have a much lower carbon footprint.


  • 16cms in length
  • 1 x Fork, 1 x Knife, 1 x Spoon
  • Ideal for picnics and as a travel set.
  • Made from bamboo 
  • Arrived by ship 
  • Made in Vietnam 


To ensure longevity, hand wash in the sink and air dry.


"We source these from a small family-owned and managed the factory in Pakistan where the employees (of which there are just 3) are all paid above the national minimum wage, in a very small factory and work 5-days per week, maximum 8-hour days with 1-hour lunch breaks and are closed for all the national and religious holidays. We aim to have a long-term relationship with this factory"