Bamboo & Sisal Round Removable Head Dish Brush
Bamboo & Sisal Round Removable Head Dish Brush
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Bamboo & Sisal Round Removable Head Dish Brush

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This fully biodegradable brush has a long handle for ease of use. Made from bamboo and sisal, they will become your life long dishwashing buddy as the head is replaceable after use. Find replaceable heads here.


Bristle from plastic dish brushes become loose and end up down the drain and into our water supply. These brushes eliminate the plastic pollution created by conventional brushes. No need to worry if these bristles find their way down the drain as they are 100% plant based, made from sisal fibres. 

And then there's the plastic handle. What happens to that? Maybe it'll sit in a landfill for the next few hundred years. The handle on these dish brushes is 100% bamboo with metal elements. If you do need to say farewell to your friend, remove the metal and recycle. Throw the rest in the compost!  


  • 100% vegan
  • Compostable elements (remove metal pieces first)
  • Bamboo handle
  • Sisal bristles
  • Low carbon foot
  • Arrived from China on the Asia-Europe train



Let the brush breath and allow to dry between uses.

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