Body Loofah
Body Loofah
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Body Loofah

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Loofahs can make excellent body scrubs that gently exfoliate. This amazing plant is a truly natural way to give your skin some serious pampering. They can also be sliced and used in soap making. When they have been used for their original purpose, they easily compost in your compost heap or buried in the garden. They are made by removing the skin, drying out and removing the seeds.


Conventional loofahs are usually plastic-based. As they begin to wear down they run the risk of creating plastic pollution as pieces break off and fall down the drain. They can be recycled in certain areas, but most will end up in landfill once their life is over. Due to their design, they are also a notorious breeding ground for bacteria build up if they are not properly dried out between uses.  


  • Size 12cm by 6cm wide
  • 100% plant based
  • 100% compostable
  • Manufacturedd by workers who are paid a living wage.
  • Arrived in the UK by a freight train.
  • Materials organically without herbicides. 


Keep your loofah away from water when not in use. This will help it naturally dry out and reduce the risk of bacteria build up. 

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