The Good Dot Rectangular Loofah Pad

The Good Dot Rectangular Loofah Pad

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Rectangular loofahs begin life flat as they are vacuum shrunk. Add them to water, and they soon puff out and grow. They are remarkable at cleaning all kinds of things: your dishes, your surfaces, even your bodies! Take them with you in the shower or bath.

They are abrasive enough to easily remove stains, food etc while being non-stratch on most surfaces. They are also a great gentle exfoliant for your skin. 



  • 11cm x 7cm
  • Plastic Free Cleaning
  • 100% natural loofah
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Abrasive, yet gentle



"We source these from a small family-owned and managed the factory in Pakistan where the employees (of which there are just 3) are all paid above the national minimum wage, in a very small factory and work 5-days per week, maximum 8-hour days with 1-hour lunch breaks and are closed for all the national and religious holidays. We aim to have a long-term relationship with this factory"