Compostable Sponge & Scourer Duo Pack
Compostable Sponge & Scourer Duo Pack
Compostable Sponge & Scourer Duo Pack
Compostable Sponge & Scourer Duo Pack
Compostable Sponge & Scourer Duo Pack
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Compostable Sponge & Scourer Duo Pack

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Bringing plant-based sponges with an edge, these fully compostable sponges are made from cellulose (a natural wood fibre), and each sponge features a natural scourer pad side. One is made from sisal cactus fibre (for every day scouring) and the other is made from loofah plant layers (for tougher scrubbing power). They are 100% biodegradable, plastic-free & non-toxic to the environment. 

They are durable and will last for months with no bad odours, much longer than conventional plastic scourers that break down after the first use. They also use less soap than a traditional sponge scourer and sud up really nicely.


Conventional sponges are plastic-based, using petrochemicals and quickly break down during use. As they break down, they emit thousands of plastic particles, contributing to micro-plastic pollution, that goes down the drain and makes its way into our water supply. We then drink the water and eat the fish, unknowing ingesting plastic as we do .....gross! These cloths do not emit any micro-plastic pollution. Win!


  • Absorbing and non scratch
  • Use all around the house
  • Plastic free
  • Made from 100% plant based materials
  • Compostable
  • Size of each sponge: 7cm x 11cm x 2cm


To avoid any bacteria build up, keep it as dry as possible. They can be sterilized by soaking in boiling water for a few minutes, microwaved while damp or pop in the dishwasher on a drying cycle. 


Cellulose is a naturally occurring fibre in wood that is extracted by grinding the wood into a "wood pulp" It is the main substance in the walls of plant cells, helping plants to remain stiff and upright, so works as a stiffener for cloths and sponges. 

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