Upcycled Sari Fabric Gift Wrap
Upcycled Sari Fabric Gift Wrap
Upcycled Sari Fabric Gift Wrap
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Upcycled Sari Fabric Gift Wrap

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Size: 60cm x 60cm

This stunning sari fabric was making its way to landfill, never to see the light of day! Now it has a second life to be used again and again as beautiful gift wrap or fashioned as a neck scarf.

Ethically manufactured in Nepal to Fairtrade standards, these beautiful wraps were produced by people treated fairly and paid a living wage. 

As many conventional wrapping papers cannot be recycled due to the use of foils, glitters, paper treatment and plastic tape, it will save countless waste potentially created. 

PLEASE NOTE: Colours and patterns will vary for these completely unique wraps. Randomly selected fabric will be sent.


  • Made in Nepal
  • Fairtrade
  • Upcycled fabric
  • Vegan


1. Grab the opposite corners and tie in a bow.

2. Check out Furoshiki, the Japanese method of gift wrapping using fabric. There are lots of vieos on YouTube.  


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